What Did Misty Do?

on Wednesday, 31 August 2011. Posted in news

Early on in Jogo's existence a woman named Misty Nikula found her way to us. From day one she came in and started putting up top scores on the board during 6am class. Throughout the day, the other classes would arrive and make their way over to the board and at first the question was, "who is this Misty person?!?" But as the legend of Misty grew folks walked in the door for their workout and the first words from their mouths were, "what's the workout today?" - immediately followed by - "what did Misty do?" Over the years she's continued to set the bar high for her 6am crew and the other classes to follow.

Earlier this month, one of the largest CrossFit competitions in Washington State was held at Magnuson Park in Seattle. Misty has had her sights set on it since Regionals in June. After a month away on summer vacation, she came back and worked her butt off in class and with her personal coach, Jonathan, to get ready... and boy was she ever ready.

At 42-years-old, she chose to compete in the Master's division and came away with a stellar 3rd place overall finish.

Here's the full rundown of her efforts during the competition:

Event #1: Sandbag RunFinished: 4th w/ a time of 15:54

Event #2: One Rep Max Clean & JerkFinished: 5th w/ a weight of 125#
Side-Note: She also completed a body-weight clean at 135# which was a PR for her

Event #3: Box Jumps & Double-UndersFinished: 2nd w/ a score of 4-rounds

Event #4: Clean Thruster, Toes to Bar, Hand Release Push-Ups, KB SwingsFinished: 3rd w/ a time of 8:51

Congrats Misty & Coach Jonathan on an awesome day!