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3-days Before Our Grand Opening - November 9th, 2007
A little more than three-years-ago I remember standing in our old space on Ohio Street, the night before we opened, taking everything in. The walls were painted. The rubber floor was finished. The equipment was all setup... the gym was ready... and I remember being just totally overwhelmed with gratitude.

Gratitude, to me, is when you look at some beautiful thing in your life and recognize it's beyond your doing. This is the feeling I have every day about Jogo... infinite thanks and humility to get to be a part of something that's so much bigger than me.

There were so many hopes for Jogo before it came to be...

As a gym, I wanted it to be a place that challenged people... where they'd leave a little better, a little stronger, a little fitter, a little more confident of what they were capable of every single day. I wanted it to be a place of elite fitness... where the programming, instruction and experience the members received would be second to none.

As a community, I wanted Jogo to be a place where people would come and have life breathed into them... where they would know they mattered and belonged, no matter their story... where they'd find a home away from home.

As a business, I wanted our success to be built solely on the success of our community. I wanted their results and their stories to be what inspired others to join us. If we grew, I'd know it wasn't because of advertising or marketing, but because we were serving our members well and they were sharing the love.
jogo birthday book
Looking Back - Jogo's 3rd Birthday Party - November 22, 2010
And so here we are, living it out, and it's beyond anything I ever could've wanted or imagined for it. Somewhere along the way, it took on a life of it's own... a life added to by each one of you. I'm so grateful for the part each of you has played in making Jogo what it is... for how good you are to one another... for how much you rise to the challenges we throw at you and inspire those around you to rise. I'm grateful for the way all of you have made Jogo a home... to a point that you leave your shoes, clothes, jewelry, Christmas trees, coat racks, fans, water-bottles, notepads, jumpropes, bikes, orthotics, protein powder, headbands, socks, towels and so many other things behind, knowing they'll be well kept... meanwhile taking so so soooo many of our pens with you, knowing we'll just keep buying more ;)

I believe one of the greatest miracles in life is finding something that lights you up inside. Well thank you little gym, from the bottom of my heart, for lighting me up... for making me excited to wake-up and go to "work" every morning... for giving me a purpose where I get to love and serve each of you every day and help show you your potential... a purpose that challenges me to bring more and better to the table everyday... that inspires me to lead from the front. Thank you for joining in the journey.

Thank you to my brothers... Brad, Art, Justin, Jonathan and sweet Shain.
I couldn't ask for better men to stand beside. I often get so much of the credit because I have the "owner" title next to my name - but I hope each of you know how much of the success of the gym is because of your hearts, passion and stellar good looks. You're exceptional. Thank you.

So to you, little gym, I hold up my post-Whole 30-challenge glass of wine and toast you and say CHEERS and Happy Thanksgiving!