Overcome: The Lure of Tomorrow

on Tuesday, 13 September 2011. Posted in inspiration, overcome resistance

I'll do it later.
I'll do it tomorrow.
I'll do it when I'm motivated.
I'll start next week.
I'll start on the first of the month.
I'll start at the first of the year.

What is it that gives us so much confidence in our future-self's ability to do the thing that we can't seem to get ourself to do right now? Is our future-self more motivated? More productive? More commited? Does tomorrow hold some power that today does not?

What happens when we arrive at that future date only to find that we're the same person we are right now... the same person who'd rather do it tomorrow?

If something is worthwhile, then why leave yourself an out like "later…" "tomorrow…" "when I'm motivated…" - what does motivation have to do with worthwhile things? Either it's worth it or it's not, and if it is, why not set fire to all of the things keeping you from doing it now?