Overcome: The Confrontation of Self

on Monday, 12 December 2011. Posted in overcome resistance

Someone wise once said that the true measure of a person's character is not who they are when things are good, easy or comfortable. Instead, the true measure of their character is who they are when they're being tested… when they're barely hanging on… when they're at their limit.

The type of training we take on and the atmosphere we train in often have a way of pushing us to our physical and mental limits.  There at the end of all we've YET been capable of is a mirror that's being held directly in front of us… a mirror that reflects those parts of ourselves that we do everything to hide, ignore & turn away from. There at the brink, we're confronted with our true selves. Who do you see there? Is it a person who will cheat yourself and others in order to win… cheat yourself and others so you don't come in last? Is it a person who can't genuinely be happy for anyone else's successes, especially if those successes are more than your own? Is it someone who quits or only gives half-hearted attempts? Is it someone who never fully commits so that you always have an excuse for why you're not where you could be? Is it a person who will try to derail someone else's attempt to rise out of their circumstance so they don't make you feel guilty about your own circumstance? Is it someone who always blames someone or something else for why you are where you are?

Who do you see there? Will you keep turning away or can you stand to face and then move beyond it?