Meet Matt

matt headshot
matt lovelady | performance coach

matt clean
matt doing hang power cleans in 2012 regional's "event #2"

coaching background.

Performance Coach
Jogo / CrossFit Bellingham | Bellingham, WA

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Cottonwood High School | Murray, UT

Strength & Velocity Coach
Dallas Titans Baseball Academy | Dallas, TX

Performance Coach
Performance Advantage | Modesto, CA

Strength & Conditioning Intern
University of Oklahoma | Norman, OK

Certified Crossfit Level 1 Instructor

athletics background.

Many CrossFit Comp's to Come.

2005 - 2007
Division I Men's Baseball - University of Oklahoma | Norman, OK
NCAA Regional Championship - U of Oklahoma | Norman, OK

Most Valuable Player - Baseball - State of Utah


Matt was born in Modesto California.  He fell in love with sports (doing anything physical, athletic, with people and preferably outside) at a young age. His parents will say that he was the one getting everyone together to go on some type of bike riding adventure or just to have a dodge ball tournament in the front yard.  He spent his youth riding bmx, snowboarding, wakeboarding, playing golf, soccer, football, basketball, and baseball. At age 9 his family moved to St. George, Utah and by his freshman year of high school Matt's main focus became baseball.  During his sophomore year after baseball tryouts Matt's only option was to play down with the freshman. This drove him to discover a new love in strength training. After adding strength and conditioning to his game Matt went on to win a state title and earn the state's most valuable player award his senior year. Matt went on to compete at the University of Oklahoma.  After he finished baseball he participated in a strength and conditioning internship at the University of Oklahoma.  Since 2007 Matt has traveled the country playing some independent baseball, working physical labor and training young athletes.


Age: 28

Hometown: Oakdale, California

What Brought me to Bellingham: My Parents moved to Everson in 2009. I had been away from them for 10 years and missed them. I also came to visit and loved it here.

Some Favorite Quick Memories: Snowboarding on any mountain with my brother. The same with wake boarding in any lake. Participating in the 2012 CrossFit open and getting a taste of what CrossFit competition is about. Going to the 2012 Games and being inspired beyond measure.

Current Playlist: P.O.D., Thousand Foot Krutch, Shawn McDonald (thanks Em), CCR (Cross Canadian Ragweed), Some occasional hip hop and country between it all.

Family: My Beautiful mother Susan Lovelady, my hero & father Loyal Lovelady, and my Inspiring Brother Louis Lovelady.

Favorite Eats: Breakfast is good all day and night, fresh fruits, thai food, sushi, and asada burrito from any known taco truck.

Favorite Books: Holy Bible, The Way of Passion, Pilgrims Progress and In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day.

Favorite hobby: CrossFit, recently started learning to play the guitar, and Snowboarding

Favorite local hang: Jogo

Last local purchase: Breckenridge farms cream-top and chocolate milk.

Dream vacation: 1 month in Jerusalem with no contact

1 thing on my bucket list: Going on that vacation

Word that best describes you: Love

Biggest Pet Peeve: Tailgating (following too close, it's dumb)

Favorite Local Restaurants: ??? Don't know yet, haven't been out much

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Who would play me in a movie about my life: Me