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brad sim | head coach
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brad rowing through a variation of "Fight Gone Bad"

coaching background.

Cardiac Rehab Therapist
St. Joseph's Hospital | Bellingham, WA

Exercise Specialist, Cardiac Rehabilitation
Island Hospital | Anacortes, WA and Mt. Vernon, WA

Exercise Specialist, Cardiac Rehahbilitation
Skagit Valley Hospital | Mt. Vernon, WA

BS-Exercise Science, Western Washington University

Certified Level 1 CrossFit Instructor

Certified Crossfit Olympic Lifting Instructor

athletics background.

6th place
- Team - CrossFit Regionals - NorthWest
14th place - Team - Regional Qualifier - CrossFit Open
Top 50 - Individual - Regional Qualifier - CrossFit Open

9th place - Team - CrossFit Regionals - NorthWest
2nd place - Tandem - NW Throwdown - Northwest CrossFit

2001 - 2003
Division II Football - Western Washington University | Bellingham, WA


Brad was raised in the woods, just outside the small town of Sultan, Washington. Without cable or a computer until the age of 16, he spent his youth playing outside and trying every sport and recreation possible. Baseball, skiing, basketball, mountain biking, track and field, soccer, snowboarding, wrestling, cliff jumping, golfing, and weight lifting were all fair game. But none of these he excelled at quite so much as the game of football. At age 15, Brad decided it was his goal to play college football and set off to do it. With little guidance, most of his training sessions consisted of extreme amounts of ill-performed weight lifting, object pulling, agility work and plyometrics with little effort geared towards work capacity/conditioning unless it was offered during a practice. A session, it was generally decided, wasn't finished until the body was excessively sore and fatigued, the workout then considered a success. Brad's strategy was even worse when it came to nutrition and diet philosophy. He practiced the "eat whatever, whenever and as much as you want, with no regard for it's effect on the body and performance" diet. Even still, he was a very successful high school football player and found his way to Western Washington University to play.

At Western, Brad's training efforts, though often very sport and position specific, were well coached and refined. He learned much about the olympic lifts and power-lifting and, despite a quiet college football career, took away great experience in the realm of exercise. Unfortunately, his discipline concerning eating and diet philosophy remained the same. Rather than helping his training and performance efforts, Brad's poor diet remained a hinderance. At the conclusion of his college career an already overweight Brad rapidly became very unhealthy and extremely overweight as his training efforts decreased. In December of 2007, by the grace of God and good friends, and upon realizing his physical condition at 25 years old was the worst it had ever been, he decided enough was enough.

In the years since then, much has changed. From his relocation to Bellingham in 2008 and his discovery of Jogo and CrossFit, to the drastic transformation his health, diet, and fitness have undertaken, Brad has much to be thankful for. And he is. It's been a journey he's so stoked to have embarked on. And his excitement and passion for living well increases exponentially at the chance to walk along side others as they champion their own adventure.


AGE: 29

HOMETOWN: Sultan, Washington

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO BELLINGHAM: First time it was the University, then a short hiatus after college. Second time was this place and these people. Took being away to comprehend how much I loved it here.

SOME FAVORITE QUICK MEMORIES: Movie days with my mom. Family trips to Montana exploring Glacier Park. Summer weeks in Chelan. My senior year of high school football playing with my best friends. Those magical 2 weeks before the start of fall quarter when all the boys of The Alamo were in town with no jobs and no commitments. My first CrossFit competition, the original Jogo Throwdown at Grand Ave. Also, the first Northwest Regional in 2009 at Magnuson Park, particularly Em's muscle ups.

CURRENT PLAYLIST: Snow Patrol, Mumford and Sons, Coldplay, Jet, Sufjan Stevens, Mat Kearney

FAMILY: I'm an only child and my mom, Patty, died young. But she raised me well first. My Dad, Steve, and I remain close to this day. I'm thankful for that.

FAVORITE EATS: Love breakfast, thai food and a steak with a good beer.

FAVORITE BOOKS: Love Wins by Rob Bell; Blue Like Jazz, Searching for God Knows What and A Million Miles in Thousand Years all by Donald Miller. My nostalgic picks: Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys both by Wilson Rawls.

FAVORITE HOBBY: Besides the obvious, a toss-up between sunning and swimming, golf and fly-fishing. CrossFit gets the majority of my 'hobby time' though.

FAVORITE LOCAL HANGOUT: Boulevard Park when the sun's out or setting.

LAST LOCAL PURCHASE: A waffle cone at Mallard's.

DREAM VACATION: A month on an island near or on the equator, preferably one practically deserted. Where I could surf, paddle board, snorkel/free dive and explore. Some golf and fly-fishing too. The Maldives might be the spot although I'm not sure about the fishing and golf.

ONE THING ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: I've wanted to see and swim with whale sharks since I was a little boy.


BIGGEST PET PEEVE: When people, in near proximity to me, eat and breathe so loud and vigorously it sound's like they're suffocating.

FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: I can't get enough of Diamond Jim's breakfast, The Mount Bakery and Daisy Cafe are up there too. The Copper Hog for the best brew and food combo, Casa Que Pasa when I'm feeling spicy.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Nachos of all shapes and sizes, on the never-ending quest for the perfect plate.

WHO WOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE ABOUT YOUR LIFE: The guy from Thor, although I hear he's much smaller than he looks on screen.